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Welcome to ”The Trusted Friend,” the podcast that’s like a group therapy session, but without the awkward silences or the stale pastries. We all know that life can be a wild ride - sometimes it feels like we’re soaring on cloud nine, and other times we’re face-planting into the dirt. But no matter where we are on that rollercoaster, there’s one thing that can help us all feel a little less alone - sharing our stories. So if you’re looking for a podcast that’s equal parts heartwarming and hilarious, tune in to ”The Trusted Friend.” We promise to be the friends you can count on - even if we’re just voices coming out of your headphones.

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Monday Dec 11, 2023

For more information on Jen see: The Trusted Friend Website
This is a Mental Health Fitness Exercise.
I'm not one for breathing exercise because my mind wanders and I can't sit still and feel awkward. But when she did this at the end of our interview I felt like having a nap afterwards and so here it is for you as a bonus episode you can listen to any time you need.
Whether your in the middle of trying to get all the presents wrapped, feeling lonely or overwhelmed.  Sit in a comfortable chair and listen as Jen guides you through this exercise to get you back to center and relaxed.  
Merry Christmas, Hope this helps.
Jen is offering our listeners a 20% discount on the 2024 offerings which are on her website. Please use the code  TrustedFriend20

Wednesday Nov 29, 2023

In this short bonus episode, Yvonne Caputo joins us again (see her episode Flying with Dad) and takes us on a personal ride through the heart and soul of Five Wishes. She shares how this game-changing document lets you call the shots on your healthcare – from who's in charge when you can't decide, to the kind of treatment you do or don't want. It's like leaving a note for your family and doctors on how you want to be treated, ensuring your wishes are known and respected. Join Yvonne in this candid chat about the power of Five Wishes and the peace it brings to life's tougher moments.
Five Wishes Website

Predator Next Door with Nancy

Tuesday Nov 28, 2023

Tuesday Nov 28, 2023

The Trusted Friend Podcast
Sensitive Topics of Sexual Abuse and Suicide
Nancy, a resilient mother, is committed to raising awareness about the insidious tactics predators employ to build trust and create a false sense of security. Tragically, her daughter fell victim to the abusive actions of her best friend's husband, succumbing to the lasting impact of the abuse and ultimately taking her own life.  Now, Nancy is on a mission to share her story, shedding light on the importance of recognizing and combating the deceptive tactics used by predators.
Nancy's Story on Youtube
Something to Say
Site Dedicated to Preventing Child Abuse
Link for Helping Parents Stop It Now Organization 
National Association for People Abused in Childhood
Victim Connect Link
Sexual Assault Hotline
National Sexual Assault Hotlines/Links

Thursday Nov 23, 2023

For more about this and other Episodes click HERE
Stephany continues to share her story in this part 2 episode
More of Stephany
If you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship, please see some of the resources available below:
Domestic Shelters
Crisis Text Line
Assaulted Women's Helpline
National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-7233 (US)
Shelter Safe (Canada)
Canada Public Health - Local Hotlines and Resources by Province (Canada)

Web of Lies with Stephany Ann

Thursday Nov 23, 2023

Thursday Nov 23, 2023

In a powerful 2 part series episode we meet Stephany, a domestic violence attorney who was unable to see the red flags right in front of her. She endured not one but two marriages with severely narcissistic men, despite warning her clients about the very signs she ignored in her own life. Her quest for happiness led her from one toxic relationship to an even darker nightmare. Falsely accused of abuse and unjustly thrown into jail, Stephany's harrowing journey takes a heart-wrenching turn.
As she escapes the nightmare of her second marriage, the episode delves into her path of recovery, resilience, and self-discovery. In a heartbreaking twist, a bitter custody battle with her first husband unfolds, with her only freedom coming at a heavy price. Stephany's story is a testament to the unbreakable human spirit, offering a powerful narrative of triumph over adversity, hope, and the strength to persevere against overwhelming odds. It's a compelling and deeply personal account of a woman who dedicated her life to helping others escape domestic violence but couldn't see the danger lurking in her own relationships.
More of Stephany
If you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship, please see some of the resources available below:
Domestic Shelters
Crisis Text Line
Assaulted Women's Helpline
National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-7233 (US)
Shelter Safe (Canada)
Canada Public Health - Local Hotlines and Resources by Province (Canada)

Friday Nov 17, 2023

Remembrance Day Story Bonus
In this short bonus episode, Tiana, with her thick French accent, shares with us her family's history, shedding light on her grandmother's hardships during World War II in Madagascar under French colonization. Bringing light to the fact there are so many who suffered who were not even a part of the war.  Her grandmother's tale is one of unwavering determination and resilience, forged in the crucible of extreme deprivation. The soldiers' requisition of food from local communities, aimed at feeding both themselves and the populace in France, left Tiana's grandmother and many others starving and struggling to survive.
What particularly stood out to Tiana was her grandparents' remarkable ability to forgive and not pass down generational hate, an invaluable lesson that has carried forward through the generations. As Tiana reflects on her grandmother's experiences, she realizes the enduring legacy of strength, determination, and forgiveness.
Today, Tiana's journey has taken her from a career as an aerospace engineer to a period as a monk, and now, she resides in Paris, where she helps others through her practice of Chinese medicine.

Tuesday Nov 14, 2023

Remembrance Day Episode
In this touching episode of "Flying with Dad," I chat with Yvonne about the extraordinary relationship she built with her dad by asking one question, which then led to her writing the book  "Flying with Dad," about her World War II veteran father. Together, they embark on a remarkable journey through time and memory, allowing us to witness the profound transformation of their father-daughter bond. Yvonne's book serves as the conduit for these heartwarming interactions, as she pens the extraordinary tales of her father's wartime experiences.
Throughout the episode, we are privy to the emotional highs and lows of their shared exploration of the past, where war stories become a catalyst for healing and connection. As they retrace the steps of his wartime service, the backdrop of historical locations only deepens the impact of his stories, reminding us all of the enduring strength of family ties. "Flying with Dad: A Journey Through Memory" is a poignant reminder of the timeless power of love, history, and the intergenerational bonds that transcend the ravages of time.  After the passing of her father, she wrote the book "Dying with Dad" a powerful look into helping our loved ones pass with their dignity and their last wishes met.

Tuesday Nov 07, 2023

In this episode, we'll explore the universal longing for those "TV and movie" type friendships and question whether we might be setting ourselves up for disappointment or if we simply haven't met the right friend yet. It's a quest many of us embark on, and sometimes it feels like an elusive dream. So, join me as we navigate the highs and lows of adult friendships, how to avoid the toxic ones and the sometimes ominous task of connecting with others.
Join Stacey Sanderson in this special episode of finding connections as she shares her extensive expertise on making friends as an adult. Based in the tranquil town of Peterborough, Ontario, Stacey is not only a Registered Psychotherapist and Social Worker but also a life coach and soon-to-be-published author. With over two decades of research on narcissism and 15 years of researching female relationships its effects on self-esteem and health, Stacey's insights are grounded in countless conversations with real people.

Tuesday Oct 31, 2023

More Details on this and Other Episodes
Prepare to be transported to a world where history, feminism, and the supernatural converge in a captivating episode of our podcast. We're thrilled to be joined by the exceptionally talented author, Leanne Renee Hieber, as she guides us through her latest work, 'A Haunted History of Invisible Women.' This hauntingly beautiful book is an ode to the women whose stories have long remained untold.
We'll explore the struggles and triumphs of women in the 1900s, brought to life by Leanne's eloquent prose, and the enduring relevance of these stories in today's world.
Leanne's work not only connects with the 'Trusted Friend' podcast's theme of women sharing their stories but also amplifies the power of storytelling in uncovering the past. These 'invisible' women, once forgotten, now emerge as voices from the past, offering valuable lessons and empowerment for anyone interested in unearthing the history of women whose voices were silenced during their lifetime.
Cozy up to a crackling fire, light a candle, and hold tightly onto your favorite mug as you enjoy the the remarkable women who have emerged from the shadows, no longer hidden from history on this Hallow’s Eve
Leanne Renee Hieber Instagram
Boroughs of the Dead - NYC Ghost Tours

Tuesday Oct 24, 2023

More Details on this and Other Episodes
Join us for an uplifting episode featuring Jessica Janzen, a remarkable woman who transformed grief and loss into a powerful source of inspiration and change. Jessica shares her journey from heartache to hope, revealing how she found purpose after the loss of her son, Lewiston. Through her book "Bring the Joy," Jessica has raised over $1.2 million for a foundation in Lewiston's honor called Love for Lewiston a charity bringing financial support and awareness to Spinal Muscular Atrophy. (SMA)
She's a dynamic speaker who helps others navigate life's challenges and believes in finding joy even in the face of chaos and uncertainty.
In this episode, Jessica's resilience and faith shine as she talks about her mission, her own struggles, and the importance of living life with intention. You won't want to miss this conversation with a woman who's made an indelible impact, earning accolades like The 2021 Doc Seaman - Generosity of Spirit Award and being named one of Calgary's Top 40 Under 40. Subscribe to stay inspired and informed about Jessica's incredible journey.



Welcome to "The Trusted Friend" podcast, hosted by a wife, mom of 5 amazing kids, and creative outside-the-box thinker who truly values friendship – me! Through my own experiences, I've come to understand just how important it is to have a trusted friend by your side. That's why I created this podcast – to help women connect through our stories.

We all have a story to tell, and I believe that sharing those stories is the key to building the connections we long for and need in our female friendships. Whether you're looking for women who have traveled the road before us or can relate to the one we once traveled, "The Trusted Friend" is the place to be.

So come along with me on this journey as we explore the ups and downs of life and build the connections we all crave. Let's share our stories, uplift each other, and become the trusted friends we all need.

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