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Welcome to ”The Trusted Friend,” the podcast that’s like a group therapy session, but without the awkward silences or the stale pastries. We all know that life can be a wild ride - sometimes it feels like we’re soaring on cloud nine, and other times we’re face-planting into the dirt. But no matter where we are on that rollercoaster, there’s one thing that can help us all feel a little less alone - sharing our stories. So if you’re looking for a podcast that’s equal parts heartwarming and hilarious, tune in to ”The Trusted Friend.” We promise to be the friends you can count on - even if we’re just voices coming out of your headphones.

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Tuesday Apr 30, 2024

As the Trusted Friend Podcast, today’s story also has some great advice, just as a friend would give when you’re feeling in a rut and can’t escape the often rollercoaster ride of life.
We unravel the knots of self-doubt and kickstart your journey towards unapologetic empowerment. In this episode, I sit down with Laura, a driving force behind a movement that's reshaping mindsets and businesses alike.
For over 16 years, Laura has been on a mission to dismantle the barriers of self-doubt and overthinking that hold so many back. Through her intuitive alignment coaching, captivating classes, and The Gutsy Podcast, she's igniting a fire within women to break free from their comfort zones and seize the lives they truly desire.
Laura shares her story and the wisdom garnered from years of experience, emphasizing the pivotal role our minds play in either propelling us forward or keeping us stagnant. From inspirational anecdotes to no-nonsense advice, she equips listeners with the tools to overcome mental barriers and unleash their full potential.
It's time to undo the thoughts, feelings, and expectations that have been holding you back and reclaim your Power back. Get ready for a journey that's real, raw, and might just reignite your belief in yourself.
More of Laura

Tuesday Apr 23, 2024

Meet Kayley Hamilton, the founder of UPLVL Agency and a 2X Emmy-Award winning celebrity news reporter. Growing up in Colorado, Kayley was captivated by the glitz of Hollywood and the allure of celebrities. Her childhood dream wasn't to be famous herself, but to connect with the stars she admired. Despite being a shy girl, she set her sights on the bright lights of Hollywood.With a bit more self-belief than doubt, Kayley pursued her dream of becoming a red carpet reporter. Over 8+ years as a celebrity journalist, she's interviewed A-listers like The Rock, Kim Kardashian, and Katy Perry at major events like The Oscars and The Grammys. She's seen the inner workings of TV, digital, and print news media, collaborating with talented professionals in the industry.In 2020, life took a turn, prompting Kayley to seek guidance within herself. Through podcasts, articles, and virtual talks, she found mentors who reshaped her vision. In 2021, she founded KAYLEY Media, focusing on helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs amplify their voices through media exposure. By 2023, KAYLEY Media evolved into UPLVL Agency, dedicated to empowering CEOs and founders to elevate their brands and make a lasting impact.
Youtube Episode
Kayley Hamilton

Wednesday Apr 17, 2024

Michele Johnston, the powerhouse behind Fiercely Authentic Coaching! Raised with a strict religious ideology of what a woman “should be”, she married young and became a devoted mother of four. For years, she masked her struggles to fit society's perfect mold. As her kids got older, she prioritized self-care. Pushing a truck full of kettlebells was her "aha" moment, revealing her incredible strength—physically and mentally. Michele dove into fitness and embarked on a journey of self-discovery, self-love, adventure, and grace. Now, as a motivational speaker and empowerment coach, she inspires fierce women to rediscover their authentic selves, fall in love with their quirks, and live life unapologetically!
More of Michelle

Tuesday Apr 09, 2024

In honor of National Primary Immunodeficiency Month,we follow Aubrey, a resilient young woman living with Common Variable Immunodeficiency (CVID), as she navigates the complexities of her condition.
Aubrey’s life took and unexpected turn at the age of 19, all excited to go off to college and live her long awaited college life dreams, to be hit with a diagnosis that changed the course of her life.  Aubrey is such a delightful, energetic, spirited young woman, any mom would be proud to have her as their daughter because even though it has been and still is a life full of obstacles, she is tackling them with love, humor and the desire to help others
Aubrey shares her experiences, offering insights into the emotional rollercoaster that accompanies living with a chronic illness a rare invisible one at that.  She brings with her so many fabulous insights that we can all learn from no matter what life throws at us.  She’s seriously a charming young woman with a insight, compassion and understanding beyond her years. 
 Aubrey with Grace
- Instagram: @aubreywithgrace
- TikTok: @aubreyjohnston99
- Youtube: @aubreywithgrace
- Facebook: Aubrey With Grace 
-  Aubrey's Amazon Storefront
Please see links below if you wish to donate the much needed plasma.
Canada Plasma Donation Info
Red Cross Plasma Donation Info

Tuesday Apr 02, 2024

In this heartfelt episode, we follow Debbie's journey from unimaginable loss to profound purpose. After tragically losing her beloved son to mental illness and addiction, Debbie undergoes a transformation, discovering her true calling in helping parents navigate similar struggles. Through her own grief and pain, she finds solace in aiding others, becoming a beacon of hope and support in the community. Armed with her own experiences and professional training as a life and relationship coach, Debbie embarks on a mission to empower parents facing similar challenges. As she shares her story of love, loss, and resilience, viewers witness the power of turning tragedy into meaningful service, and the healing that comes from helping others find their own path to peace and recovery.
More about Debra
Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Help, US and Canada:
Crisis Services Canada: Provides a national helpline, available 24/7, for individuals in crisis or distress.
Helpline: 1-833-456-4566
Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA): CMHA offers a range of mental health resources, support, and information, including resources specifically for depression.
Kids Help Phone: A 24/7 helpline for young people in Canada to reach out for support and information.
Helpline: 1-800-668-6868
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH): CAMH provides resources, treatment options, and education on mental health and addiction.
United States:
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: The Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress, as well as prevention and crisis resources.
Helpline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
Crisis Text Line: A free, 24/7 text messaging service providing support to people in crisis.
Text line: Text "HELLO" to 741741
Mental Health America (MHA): MHA offers resources, information, and online screening tools to assess mental health concerns.
National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH): NIMH provides information on mental health conditions, including depression, and conducts research to advance the understanding and treatment of mental illnesses.
Substance Addiction Help: 
Find a treatment centre:
Family Support:

Wednesday Mar 27, 2024

In this episode we'll listen to Atousa's story and her metamorphasis from living in fear to living in Love.  She has also written the book Change yourself, change the world available on Amazon.  It's a concept we all nod along to, but let's be real, putting it into practice is no walk in the park. Atousa's got this serene, loving vibe about her that's infectious, and like all our guests, she's here to drop some wisdom gathered from her journey.  
Let’s go out and find the magic in our lives and and live from a place of love versus fear.  Remember to be kind your don’t know what others are going through.
Everything about Atousa..
Book On Amazon: Change Yourself Change The World: Transform your life from fear-based living to choosing love and seeing magic the US link is
Instagram: @atousar and @soulystic and @belove_seelove

Wednesday Mar 20, 2024

Today We've got a tik tok superstar in our midst, none other than the fabulous Anna Przy, making her grand return to the Trusted friend podcast!
Get ready to dive headfirst into a whirlwind of chatter—from dissecting the latest binge-worthy TV shows like Love is Blind and Bachelor, to uncovering the secrets behind Anna's sensational book, "Keep It Up Cutie," and her uproarious comedy show tour. Oh, did I mention her TikTok fame? With almost 700,000 followers and viral videos galore, she’s not your typical social media maven, she brings the reality to the reels she creates.
Anna's authenticity is rare and She's on a mission to spread hope, lighten burdens, and sprinkle joy  Our chat is a reflection of her life, from navigating ADHD to the birth of her book and her comedy show tour.
Anna's comedy show, "Keep It Up Cutie," is hitting the road faster than you can say "road trip." 
They say laughter is the best medicine, and Anna is your prescription for a daily dose of hilarity. She takes the pressures we all feel and hilariously flips them on their head, leaving you wondering why you ever took life so seriously in the first place!
See Trusted Friend Website for all things Anna
Anna's Website
Anna's Book "Keep It Up Cutie"
Anna's Tour Dates/Tickets

Tuesday Mar 12, 2024

Tara shares her powerful story in the form a testimony, appreciating and recognizing God in her journey of healing.  Through childhood sexual abuse leading to eating disorder to later on in life dealing with infidelity of her husband and later her personal journey with infidelity and working through even more family traumas.  Through all her peaks and valley's she came to understand the power of using God has her companion and help mate.  She's inspiring, funny and a truth teller in hopes of helping other women who travel her similar road.
Tara Prater is the creator of FUELED BY GOD coaching services as well as the FUELED BY GOD coach certification. As a faith based integrative health practitioner, Tara’s mission is to spread God’s truth and power to overcome emotional eating and hormone imbalances.  While spreading God’s truth, Tara guides women to holistic health, purpose and security.
With a Christ-centered focus, Fueled By God not only leads women to physical health but also spiritual, emotional and financial.
Personally through my faith based approach I have overcome emotional eating, adult onset bulimia, hormone imbalances specifically pre diabetes and insulin resustance, and continue to heal from childhood sexual abuse. 
FUELED BY GOD:  Preparing women’s earthly bodies for their heavenly bodies RAISED IN POWER.

Tuesday Mar 05, 2024

In this episode, join Stephanie, a seasoned portrait photographer, as she opens up about the extraordinary journey that shaped her into the resilient woman she is today. Stephanie candidly shares the challenges of discovering her pregnancy with twins during high school, navigating the complexities of raising two children  —one of whom lives with the challenges of Cerebral Palsy.
As she weaves her narrative, Stephanie shares the chapters of her life, recounting the decision to marry, the eventual need for divorce, and the heartbreaking process of leaving behind the children she had come to love as her own. Through the highs and lows, Stephanie emerged from these trials stronger and more determined than ever.
Now a thriving professional photographer, Stephanie has found her sweet spot in life. Tune in to this inspiring episode as she reflects on resilience, personal growth, and the transformative power of pursuing one's passion against all odds. Stephanie's story is a testament to the strength that can be found within, even in the face of life's most challenging twists and turns, and the extreme importance of loving oneself.
This episode is such an example of we all need love, support and understanding and the people around us that believe in us and push us to succeed and love unconditionally.

Tuesday Feb 27, 2024

Step into the architectural world of Holly McNeil, where at 26, she found herself at the helm of the largest historic preservation project in the state, navigating construction sites with a confidence larger than life. With projects from the cancer hospital in Stanford to the Holy Mosque hospital project in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, where they literally moved a mountain to create a breathtaking view of the mosque from the hospital. Beyond the blueprints, Holly's life seemed picture-perfect—a beautiful home, loving husband, adorable children, and a circle of great friends. But behind the scenes, she was building a facade to conceal a profound void.At 34, the meticulously constructed world came crashing down, exposing the raw truth Holly had been hiding. As an architect, she had followed in her father's footsteps, unknowingly echoing the absence she felt since she was seven. Join us as Holly unravels the layers of her life, exploring the fallout of her parents' divorce and the attempt to fill the void with an alienated stepfather.The journey from a seven-year-old hearing the heartbreaking words "your father doesn't love us anymore" to seeking love from her stepfather who horribly crossed those boundaries, taking advantage of her vulnerability and desire to be loved.  Holly bares her soul, sharing the struggles of navigating familial alienation and the impact it had on her perception of love.Listen as Holly transforms her narrative from a shattered world to becoming the mindfulness architect she is today.
Follow her journey on Instagram (@perlovewhollymcneill), Facebook (@PERLOVEwhollymcneill), and YouTube (@PERLOVEwhollymcneill).



Welcome to "The Trusted Friend" podcast, hosted by a wife, mom of 5 amazing kids, and creative outside-the-box thinker who truly values friendship – me! Through my own experiences, I've come to understand just how important it is to have a trusted friend by your side. That's why I created this podcast – to help women connect through our stories.

We all have a story to tell, and I believe that sharing those stories is the key to building the connections we long for and need in our female friendships. Whether you're looking for women who have traveled the road before us or can relate to the one we once traveled, "The Trusted Friend" is the place to be.

So come along with me on this journey as we explore the ups and downs of life and build the connections we all crave. Let's share our stories, uplift each other, and become the trusted friends we all need.

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